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More From the Trunk of My Car


Bits and Pieces From an Upcoming Micro Fiction Book.


0 A Weekend from College

Image by Sorin Gheorghita

She stopped abruptly, listening intently. She heard it again, clearly human, several feet into the woods alongside the half dirt, half gravel road. Her stomach tightening, she clung to the straps of her backpack, frozen in fear. She dared not breathe but quickly realized she had to.

Her car, broken down two and a half miles behind her, could offer no refuge. Grandma’s house, still three miles ahead, wasn’t any better. Between the two places, nothing but woods and more woods.

Visiting grandma, who refused to leave her childhood home in the mountains, had seemed like a good break from the usual college routine. It would have done some good for grandma to see another human being for a change. Whether or not that could still happen was now in doubt.

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