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Bits and Pieces From an Upcoming Micro Fiction Book.

  • 0 The Mansion

    Image by Celina Albertz The deep breath she took to calm her nerves did no such thing. Wondering if she’d made the right decision, she stood, facing the long-abandoned three-story mansion.  Once a striking display of luxury and well-kept gardens, it was now a dirty, hollow, neglected shell of its former self. The windows, yawning in her direction, revealing the darkness within, together with the gardens and wrought iron fence, suffocating in overgrowth, were enough to keep most people away.  She, however, wasn’t most people. She knew the risks involved. She’d tossed and turned in bed, then looked herself directly in the eye in her bathroom mirror, acknowledging the insanity of it all. Still, she’d made this decision. She was going in.

  • 0 The Victim

    Image by Manny Moreno Wishing it hadn’t come to this, she turned back for one last look. The car, a cloud of dust behind it, slowly rumbled into the distance as he drove away from her. It could have been different; she’d hoped it would be different; in reality, it wasn’t. It was at that moment, standing in the soft breeze outside her country home, birds whistling in the trees, chickens clucking in the yard, that love turned into sorrow. Sorrow turned into hate, and hate brought with it a raging desire. At that moment, with a fire billowing inside her, she realized she had a side she’d never known before. She would no longer be a victim.

  • 0 The Occasion

    Image by Banjo Emerson Mathew The old man’s decades of back-breaking labor in the fields, under the blazing sun, unrelenting cold, and driving rain had come to this. Following his wife’s death, when his son, his only child, was just three years old, he’d agonized through life to put him through school, all the way to medical school. Someone had asked, ever so casually, what he was going to wear for the occasion. He hadn’t had the energy to respond. After all, what would have been a good answer for such a question? How do you dress for the day in which your son is going to hang?

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