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More From the Trunk of My Car


Bits and Pieces From an Upcoming Micro Fiction Book.

  • 0 Net Slave: Part 01

    Image by Jekafe  It had begun innocently enough, harmlessly enough, and slowly enough. She’d never imagined it would ever get to this. Yet, here she was, almost naked, on her knees in a cold, dimly lit basement in a city she couldn’t name. How far she was from home, she couldn’t say. What the address was, she couldn’t say. She had allowed this to happen, is all she could think of.  All she’d wanted was just some fun on the internet, some excitement, a little flirting, nothing more. Yet, as time progressed, her mind, her body, her entire being, evolved. 

  • 0 Blue Was His Favorite Color: Part 01

    Image by Banjo Emerson Mathew  She turned, head bowed, walking away from him, holding the flowing blue dress around herself. Through her tears, she struggled to find her footing on the uneven path. She dared not look back, not wanting him to see her this way. This wasn’t how it was supposed to end; this wasn’t what she’d planned. This wasn’t what she’d dreamed of in her yearning for his return. Sleepless nights, endless sighs, tossing, turning, longing till the break of dawn – all for this.

  • 0 Erebus: Part 01

    Image by Omar Mustafa On the edge of the bed, hands clasped between her knees, she sat alone, feeling nothing, wanting nothing, except, perhaps, death. Time, swiftly, not so quietly, and not particularly kind to her, had flown by. How was that even possible? How could a life lived in constant fear, misery, and hidden bruises, actually fly by? Somehow, it had. The time to end it all had arrived. Her cat, Erebus, as dark as the thoughts in her mind, entered the room, looking up at her, meowing as he approached. On any other day, she’d say something in return – anything to acknowledge his presence, show him some affection, making him feel welcome. Today, however, wasn’t just any other day.

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