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More From the Trunk of My Car


Bits and Pieces From an Upcoming Micro Fiction Book.

  • 0 Night Driving

    Image by  She sat, gripping the steering wheel, in pitch darkness, on the side of the road, miles from everywhere, with no cell phone service. The thickness of the woods adjacent to the road might as well have been a rain forest. Other than how to drive them and add some fuel, she knew nothing about cars. She'd turned off the lights, vaguely recalling something her father had once said about how leaving the lights on, with the engine not running, would drain the battery. The temperature inside the car dropped quickly and significantly.  Would she be able to make it till morning?

  • 0 The Heights of Passion 

    Image by Nkululeko Mayiyane   At two o'clock in the morning, fueled by an unrelenting yearning, it had seemed like a good idea. Now, a twelve-hour drive later, nine feet in the air, hands and toes clinging to the plant-covered iron trellis, her views had changed. Quite clearly, her body told her, she was no longer the high school gymnast she had once been. Fingers ached, arms trembled, and toes burned from gripping the trellis, which rose against the wall to the roof of his house. His face, eyes wide with horror,  flashed before her eyes. He'd find her, she was sure, lifeless, splattered on the brick-paved ground below.

  • 0 In The Shadows

    Image by Danny G He’d been waiting for two hours when he finally saw it with his own eyes. That’s when everything changed. He’d known what to expect, at least, in terms of what he’d see. What he hadn’t expected was how he’d feel. Standing in the shadows, behind the trees, he dared not move, afraid of betraying his presence.  The ground, littered with dry crispy leaves, twigs, and small rocks, was his enemy. One wrong move, the whole thing would be over. He’d have to wait until they left. He was at their mercy, not wanting to be there but unable to leave, not wanting to look but unable to look away.

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