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More From the Trunk of My Car


Bits and Pieces From an Upcoming Micro Fiction Book.

  • 0 Dr. Placebo by Nkosi Moyo

    Dr. Placebo clearly understood that there were those who could view him as evil. In his mind, however, he wasn’t necessarily evil. Honest with himself, he never denied that his past was riddled with stolen moments, cherished times and shameless deception. As he saw it, it was all for the good of his clientele. Such was the life he’d chosen. His mind went over the many clients who’d come to him with their lives in shreds and feeling hopeless, despondent and at times suicidal. He thought about how he’d entered their worlds and helped them pick up the pieces. There was no way he couldn’t feel justified – even good – about the impact he had on their lives.   Buy Now From Amazon

  • 0 Net Slave: Part 01

    Image by Jekafe  It had begun innocently enough, harmlessly enough, and slowly enough. She’d never imagined it would ever get to this. Yet, here she was, almost naked, on her knees in a cold, dimly lit basement in a city she couldn’t name. How far she was from home, she couldn’t say. What the address was, she couldn’t say. She had allowed this to happen, is all she could think of.  All she’d wanted was just some fun on the internet, some excitement, a little flirting, nothing more. Yet, as time progressed, her mind, her body, her entire being, evolved. 

  • 0 Blue Was His Favorite Color: Part 01

    Image by Banjo Emerson Mathew  She turned, head bowed, walking away from him, holding the flowing blue dress around herself. Through her tears, she struggled to find her footing on the uneven path. She dared not look back, not wanting him to see her this way. This wasn’t how it was supposed to end; this wasn’t what she’d planned. This wasn’t what she’d dreamed of in her yearning for his return. Sleepless nights, endless sighs, tossing, turning, longing till the break of dawn – all for this.

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